1. Profile picture

2. Citizen card, passport or proof of European citizenship

3. Driver’s license

4. Car or motocycle

5. Insurance proof (car or motocyle)

6. Declaration of commencement of activity in the Portuguese finance department with CAE 53200

7. Delivery bag (It could be one from another app)

7. Photograph showing delivery bag along with identification document

Vanbu couriers earn good commissions for each order delivered. We pay a fixed fee per pickup plus a variable fee per kilometer.

At Vanbu we do not force any courier to work a minimum number of hours or days. Work the days you want, the hours you want. However, it will be natural that the more hours and days you work, the better your earnings will be.

Commissions are paid to couriers weekly by bank transfer.

We do not have a specific day of the week for payments. A week’s earnings are always paid out on a day of the following week.